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I like how even this is a H-game it actually feels like a "serious" game, i like how the H scenes are easily accessible (before i knew i could self stun i had some trouble viewing all the scenes) as well as that aver you "die" you can sit back and watch multiple scenes (even better when you are in a swarm of enemies)

The voice acting is rare in this kind of game and are pretty oke.
I also like that you made optional paths for collectors like myself adding in a lot of difficulty if you want to find and get to them all (i feel that the collectibles are harder than the level's they are in) i have not yet been able to get the last one (the wind jumps) but that could also be because i have slight input lag, i don't know if that's on me or if others also got it.

good game, not to hard in the beginning not to easy in the end, great animations. Playable for both the H-scenes and for playing for the sake of playing.

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It has a poor response, sometimes the guy runs without any button press, and the next time it takes 5 seconds before he starts moving.

i think it could be a good game if the controls were smoother but its not very good now

great game,

just one thing, because i was wondering if i could remove the bombs from my hotbar, and it turned out i could, however putting the bombs back in is not an option because the bombs aren't included in the shop (also a shame that you can not upgrade the bombs)

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UknownXL responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You can actually add the bombs back to the spell menu by clicking the beastiary button at the bottom right. From there you can click spells in the menu and equip the bombs.

high score: 81
a fun game but not very long, id say its more of a minigame but still nice work for the time spend on it

Great game, the achievements don't work for me though, i can unlock em and they show in the medals section of the game but they wont unlock for newgrounds...

PuffballsUnited responds:

Huh that's interesting. Not sure what causes that :(

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